Program (Children & Kids)

U.S. MARTIAL ARTS CENTER INC. offers fun packed and excitement filled classes for children ages 6-11(children & Kids), classes are approximately 50min.long. Our Children’s Program is designed to improve your child’s attention, confidence, leadership skills, respect, self-discipline while at the same time learning how to work with others.

Children’s Program is a bit more challenging than our Tiger Cub Program, but still fun and easy to follow along. Supportive Instructors are always by their side. This proven system of developing peak performers with a positive mind sets, creates extraordinary results. Through our schools award winning system, your child will begin to grasp how important self-discipline is, when it comes to achieving goals in life. Discipline will develop and grow serving as a strong foundation in all aspects of life. You will see for yourself the academic, social and personal changes in your child.

Physical Fitness + Self-Defense + Discipline + Self Confidence = Well Rounded Child

Physical Fitness
Your child will learn the latest physical fitness exercises and conditioning. Polymeric exercise will get your child in top condition without using any weights. Super cardio exercise and drills will make your child sweat and lose weight in no time!

Children today face many difficult challenges when they leave home. Bullies and negative peer pressure are always around the corner. Children get pressured to do things that they do not want to get involved in.

This is why at U.S. MARTIAL ARTS CENTER INC. we teach A realistic self-defense system that combines Tae Kwon Do, Hap Ki Do, and Basic Grappling. Children learn to defend themselves in any situation, to be assertive not aggressive.

Self-Discipline - Control
Self-discipline gives children the confidence and belief to stand in honor and righteousness. Children with strong self-discipline will not do things that will reduce their mental growth or endanger their physical health. Discipline will teach them the ability to manage oneself and control ones emotions in any situation. Disciplined students will always finish what they start. It will also lessen their fear of new challenges, for they will have confidence in their abilities.

Benefits & Results

  1. We will provide you with a safe and positive environment

  2. Physical conditioning

  3. Helps develop goal setting

  4. Promote better school grades

  5. Build Confidence

  6. Increase attention span

  7. Develop social skills

  8. Decrease parent separation anxiety

  9. Teamwork and team building

  10. Increase self-discipline and respect

How To Enroll

Registration is ongoing and is based on 2-3 x a week class participation. Easy to start trial lesson is available and recommended to guarantee placement. Our highly trained Instructors will recommend the best program for you and your child. Class size is limited so don’t hesitate and call or come check out our school today!

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