Why Should I Choose S.Y. Kim's Martial Arts Center?

Clean, Spacious Gym - great exercise for all agesNo matter your age or experience, Tae Kwon Do is extremely good for you because it affects every aspect of your being.  S.Y. Kim's Martial Arts Center incorporate relaxation and motivational Benefits, stretching, strengthening, kicking, jumping and striking.  Practicing Tae Kwon Do at S.Y. Kim's center improves your flexibility, concentration, confidence, body alignment, balance, strength, speed, endurance and the ability to defend yourself- all while decreasing body fat and levels of stress.  Most of our students sleep well, are in excellent physical condition and have lean bodies.  We teach you to try your best, but with patience.  You learn to accept your own limitations without having them hold you back.  The traditions and customs taught by Grand Master Kim are the foundation for control and discipline.  You can achieve a magnificent state of being where top performance occurs.

Grand Master S.Y. Kim teaching childrenAsk any of S.Y. Kim's white belt students after a few months of training about their Tae Kwon Do experience and their answers may surprise you.  They will probably talk about improved flexibility, strength and overall fitness, but they are most likely to conclude by referring to improved self-confidence and self-respect.  Honesty, respect, discipline, self-control, patience and humility are more than just words you hear in S.Y. Kim's schools -- they are concepts you learn to live by.  Everyone comes to the dojang (school) on the same level, regardless of race, religion or economic or professional status.  No one is given special consideration and everyone is judged on diligent practice and dedication to the school, the art and each other.

Instructor lecturing about importance of Goal Setting to childrenAlong with learning how to defend yourself, the sense of values and the discipline taught by Grand Master Kim are the reasons for his schools' popularity. Even very young children can benefit from Tae Kwon Do training and develop a sense of discipline.  Discipline sets Tae Kwon Do apart from many other sports activities. Most children laugh when a friend falls or misses a thrown ball, but a Kim's Tae Kwon Do students will help a fallen opponent to his feet.  Tae Kwon Do athletes learn discipline early.  Their physical, mental and moral character development help them to avoid alcohol, tobacco and drugs as they develop their bodies into extraordinary fighting machines.  Through belt progression and continuous training, they earn recognition from their peers.  And, while Tae Kwon Do is very much about kicking, punching, board breaking and self-defense, it also instills the discipline and focus necessary to succeed in today's world.

Grand Master Kim personally instructs all students, beginners to black belts. He has guided over 1200 students to the black belt level and has led several of them to master levels, where they continue to teach his traditions to the world.  Grand Master Kim's teachings espouse the traditional Korean martial arts values of discipline and respect combined with practical, real-world training.  Grand Master Kim's Advanced World of Martial Arts offers a program which combines more than 20 years of eastern martial arts mastery, with over 20 years of western martial arts experience.  There are five different styles taught by Grand Master Kim:

Our system's foundation is based on the principle of UM and YANG.  This harmony of softness and hardness or physical and mental aspects, provides the proper balance for modern-day practical applications.  Students learn the principles of self-defense, meditation, weaponry, discipline and self- control, which helps them become more successful at work, school, home and any other aspect of life to which they apply these principles.

Instructors at S.Y. Kim's centers are friendly, accessible and experienced.  Our classes are well structured and organized and we offer separate classes for beginners.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our centers.  Our centers are equiped with spacious training area and well staffed and managed professionally.

If you would like to learn more about martial arts training at S.Y. Kim's centers or have any questions, please feel free to call us or you can stop by to observe one of our scheduled classes.  We will be happy to answer all of your questions and discuss your training goals.  We invite you to join us, so you too can discover the extraordinary physical and mental benefits of Tae Kwon Do training at Grand Master Kim's Advanced World of Martial Arts.


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